About Martin Soorjoo

Martin is the founder of San Francisco based Pitch Clinic. Over the past 25 years he has advised, coached and worked with Senior Executives, Investment Bankers, Venture Capitalists, Angels, Startup Founders, Attorneys, Judges, Politicians and other high achievers. Martin works with his clients to increase their Performance, Productivity and Presence. He also helps them create and deliver high impact presentations, whether they are delivering an important keynote address, raising venture capital or seeking a senior position in a company or public body. A former award winning attorney, Martin is the creator of 3XP Performance Coaching and and author of 'Here's the Pitch - How to Pitch Your Business to Anyone, Get Funded and Win Clients' published by Wiley. During his career at the Bar, Martin was consistently rated by the world’s leading legal directories as a ‘leader in his field’. He is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and expert in body language and performance psychology.

Why European Startups are Coming to NYC

The European Venture Capital Slowdown

The slow economic growth and political turmoil across Europe is taking it’s toll on the European Venture Capital scene. According to research by Pitchbook, total capital invested in European start-ups plunged 27 percent year-on-year to 5.42 billion euros in the first-half of 2016 across 1,279 deals – the smallest amount […]

The Most Important Key to Delivering a Killer Pitch

Despite these truths, most sales and investor pitch preparation takes place at the eleventh hour, amid constant distraction and noise with minimal, if any, rehearsal. Small wonder that most pitches are weak and ineffective and consequently fail.

Pre-Funding Tactics – The Art of Pitching Without Pitching

Don’t start to pitch Venture Capitalists until you’ve tested their likely level of interest in your startup.  This means making the effort and spending the time to build relationships with potential VC’s before you ask for money.
And for those thinking that connecting with VC’s is ‘easier said than done’, sure it isn’t easy. But […]

Your Investor Pitch Keeps Failing Despite Great Team and Traction … Here’s Why

Great entrepreneurs with great businesses frequently find themselves facing Repetitive Investor Pitch Rejection (RIPR) from investors who don’t offer a clear or credible explanation why. This is a serious condition which can be fatal to your startup.
If you’re sure you have checked all the boxes (team, product, market, financials, traction, problem, competitive advantage etc. […]

Pitching and Why You Must Stop Your Audience from Thinking

Research has consistently proven that people make decisions on emotion and then justify them with fact. Although we may like to think of ourselves, first and foremost, as rational, cognitive human beings, the reserach data says otherwise.
We’re not Rational
This fact of life applies equally to everyone, including lawyers, investors, and executives. The primacy […]

Pitch Decks and Executive Summaries: Why Less is Always More

Most investors don’t read lengthy business plans. When they receive them they file them in the trash. They are time crunched, overrun with pitches and often have short attention spans. So delivering your message and information in a concise and attention grabbing way, is critical.
This means your pitch arsenal should typically comprise of a […]

Create a Sense of Inevitability When You Pitch Investors

About 15 years ago I was leading an investor pitch to the second in command of one of the world’s largest petroleum companies.  The pitch went well and at the end of the meeting the executive said something along the lines of …
‘It’s clear to me that you’re a train that has left the […]

Create a Sense of Urgency When Pitching Investors

Good investors are always spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which startup to invest in. This is one of the primary factors that contributes to delay in getting the deal done.
Other factors include due diligence, work overload, and sometimes power games. The longer a startup goes without cash the more desperate the […]

Internalize Your Investor Pitch – Why and How

The Dangers of Memorization: Many entrepreneurs attempt to memorize their investor pitch as part of their pitch preparation. They write down a detailed script and repeat it until they can say it word for word without reading. The problem with this approach is:

Firstly, you will not sound natural or engaging, but rather like a robot […]

This Powerful Technique is used by Seals and Olympians and You Need it for Your Pitch

Although some entrepreneurs set aside some time to prepare for their investor pitch, very few take steps to effectively prepare mentally. This failure inevitably impacts on the presenter’s performance during their pitch and often the outcome.
Visualization or Performance Imagery (as it is commonly referred to by military and law enforcement) is without doubt one […]