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Why European Startups are Coming to NYC

The European Venture Capital Slowdown

The slow economic growth and political turmoil across Europe is taking it’s toll on the European Venture Capital scene. According to research by Pitchbook, total capital invested in European start-ups plunged 27 percent year-on-year to 5.42 billion euros in the first-half of 2016 across 1,279 deals – the smallest amount […]

Pre-Funding Tactics – The Art of Pitching Without Pitching

Don’t start to pitch Venture Capitalists until you’ve tested their likely level of interest in your startup.  This means making the effort and spending the time to build relationships with potential VC’s before you ask for money.
And for those thinking that connecting with VC’s is ‘easier said than done’, sure it isn’t easy. But […]

Crowdfunding: How to Leverage Your Crowd

Crowdfunding expert, Jamie Hart advises on how to ‘Leverage Your Crowd’. I spoke to a client last week who had just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. He could not understand why his project had received no traction. He had a great video, his pitch was good, rewards were well-conceived and most of all, […]

Working Out How Much to Raise Before You Pitch Investors

One of the most common areas of uncertainty we see with entrepreneurs pitching investors, is how much they should ask for. Entrepreneurs justifiably worry that if they ask for too little they will be back looking for more 5 minutes later and if they ask for too much, they may end up scaring away […]

6 Ways to Build Trust with US-Based Investors

Guest post by Eyal Bino, Founder CEO of the World Wide Investor Network.

If you are a founder of an innovative technology startup from outside the US, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The geographic distance, the difference in the business culture, the contacts (or lack of them), the cost, the time zone and […]

The Democratization of Startup Funding

                          “The crowd makes the ball game.”
                                      Ty Cobb, American Major League Baseball Player

Most startups will say that the biggest challenge they face is access to capital. Many good ideas developed by great entrepreneurs fail to get to market, not because of a lack of commitment, innovation or energy, but because entrepreneurs have families to […]

Andreessen Horowitz New $650 Million Fund

We have been flooded with enquires for information about the new fund announced by Andreessen Horowitz (AH). Information is limited at the moment but Jamie thought it might be helpful if we posted the  following basic information.

AH’s sector focus is Mobile, Social Platforms and Cloud.

AH  invests in early stage technology companies and previously invested in Skype, Foursquare […]

Make it Easy For an Angel Investor to Fund You

I was talking with an experienced Angel Investor recently who tends to mostly invest in tech startups. He had invested in a Silicon Valley startup (B), 2 years ago and was beaming at the fact that it was clear to him that the startup was finally on the verge of generating some ‘serious revenues’.

What […]