How to Pitch

How to Pitch deals with the mechanics of pitching: the power dynamics, how to stand and deliver, engage and inspire. The power of stories. How to handle questions.

The Most Important Key to Delivering a Killer Pitch

Despite these truths, most sales and investor pitch preparation takes place at the eleventh hour, amid constant distraction and noise with minimal, if any, rehearsal. Small wonder that most pitches are weak and ineffective and consequently fail.

Create a Sense of Inevitability When You Pitch Investors

About 15 years ago I was leading an investor pitch to the second in command of one of the world’s largest petroleum companies.  The pitch went well and at the end of the meeting the executive said something along the lines of …
‘It’s clear to me that you’re a train that has left the […]

Create a Sense of Urgency When Pitching Investors

Good investors are always spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which startup to invest in. This is one of the primary factors that contributes to delay in getting the deal done.
Other factors include due diligence, work overload, and sometimes power games. The longer a startup goes without cash the more desperate the […]

This Powerful Technique is used by Seals and Olympians and You Need it for Your Pitch

Although some entrepreneurs set aside some time to prepare for their investor pitch, very few take steps to effectively prepare mentally. This failure inevitably impacts on the presenter’s performance during their pitch and often the outcome.
Visualization or Performance Imagery (as it is commonly referred to by military and law enforcement) is without doubt one […]

Never Do These 3 Things When Pitching with your Deck

If you’ve read 10 Pitch Deck Principles (or How to Blow them Away With Your Deck) then you’re already familiar with what you should do to create a killer pitch deck. This short post deals with 3 things you should not do. There are many more but these are some of the most common […]

How to craft a one liner Pitch

In today’s world of multiple communication channels and light speed transactions and decisions, the ability to pitch your startup in one sentence is critical.  This is all the more important when trying to get on the radar of a distracted Venture Capitalist.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are so immersed in the minutiae of their business, that […]

Why Your Pitch Must Engage Your Audience’s Emotions

Entrepreneurs are frequently told that their sales or investor pitches must create emotional impact in order to succeed. This can be achieved through various techniques including the use of stories or powerful imagery in pitch decks.

But less forthcoming is the ‘why’. Why should an entrepreneur need to rely on emotional engagement, if they have […]

How to Create a Brutally Simple Pitch

As communication channels increase along with the speed of doing business, the ability to pitch your startup in one sentence, becomes critical.

The Problem With Pitches

Most sales and investor pitches are dull, uninspiring and lose their audiences attention within the first few minutes. If the audience doesn’t suffer ‘death by PowerPoint’, they are ‘murdered by monotony’ at the hands of a dull, lifeless speaker, who inflicts upon them a steady stream of facts and figures, encouraging a search for […]

Pitch Differentiation and Steve Jobs

During the course of writing ‘Here’s the Pitch’ , I reminded myself of the magical presentation skills of Steve Jobs. I watched his mesmerising Macworld presentations from start to finish, and read and re-read the text of his insightful and inspirational 2005 Stanford Commencement Address.

Entrepreneurs know that for their startup to succeed, they need […]