How to Pitch

How to Pitch deals with the mechanics of pitching: the power dynamics, how to stand and deliver, engage and inspire. The power of stories. How to handle questions.

The Investor Pitch: Balancing Optimism and Risk

Optimism is a quality that is present in every successful entrepreneur. Without optimism, entrepreneurs would not take the huge risks they do, to bring their dreams to life. Without optimism, entrepreneurs would find it impossible to raise funding from Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists. it is optimism and iron clad self-belief that enables entrepreneurs to cope with […]

Pitch Fright? Make Sure You Bring the Right PERSONA With You

Fear of public speaking is the number one fear in the United States and number two fear in the United Kingdom.  Given that the future of an entrepreneur’s business may greatly depend on the outcome of an investor pitch, it’s easy to see why ‘Pitch Fright’ can blow your pitch and destroy your chances […]