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Your Investor Pitch Keeps Failing Despite Great Team and Traction … Here’s Why

Great entrepreneurs with great businesses frequently find themselves facing Repetitive Investor Pitch Rejection (RIPR) from investors who don’t offer a clear or credible explanation why. This is a serious condition which can be fatal to your startup.
If you’re sure you have checked all the boxes (team, product, market, financials, traction, problem, competitive advantage etc. […]

Internalize Your Investor Pitch – Why and How

The Dangers of Memorization: Many entrepreneurs attempt to memorize their investor pitch as part of their pitch preparation. They write down a detailed script and repeat it until they can say it word for word without reading. The problem with this approach is:

Firstly, you will not sound natural or engaging, but rather like a robot […]

Entrepreneurs, Failure and the Curse of Cognitive Dissonance

Encountering failure as an entrepreneur is normal and to be expected. To some extent, failure is sometimes worn as a badge of honor. Statements like the following by Jay Adelson , Co-Founder Digg, reinforce the belief that failure is an essential ingredient of startup success.

But Why Did You Fail?

There are many possible explanations […]

Why a Good Pitch Will Always Fail

Had a discussion with an entrepreneur (’Tom’) last week who shared with me his recent experience of 12 failed pitches. He said he just couldn’t understand what was going wrong.  He had a great team, product in the marketplace and was almost break even. And to top that off he had a sizeable addressable […]

Startups: Building, Pitching, Buyers and Fear

Steve Blank has consistently preached the importance of getting out of the building and Eric Ries, of the Lean Startup, movement stresses the need for ‘validated learning’. YET time and time again, entrepreneurs pitch and launch without even having spoken to a potential customer, let alone getting confirmation that they will actually PAY for your product if you build it.