Pitch Decks

Forms of pitches: from attention grabbing pitches, the e-pitch and pitch materials including the pitch deck, executive summary, branding and graphics.

How to Visually Present Values

A usual question asked when designing a pitch is, “How can we represent a value, or a team … or comparative information”. This excellent interactive graphic, online at The Guardian, demonstrates ‘NFL Salaries by Team and Position’ and shows how values are clearly viewed by the scale of the spheres, the layout and position of the spheres […]

10 Pitch Deck Principles (or How to Blow them Away With Your Deck)

Most pitch decks are disasters. They are confusing, boring, uninspiring, and misused. The worst thing is that it isn’t a secret. Death by PowerPoint is a syndrome as well-known as many a medical condition.

How to Demonstrate Traction in Your Investor Pitch (and Why You Need it)

The reason traction is so important to investors, is because it typically demonstrates a shift from an idea to something that is on the path to being a profit making business. Traction is progress or momentum. One Venture Capitalist described it to me as being as one ‘measurement of risk’. More traction can equal less risk.

Why One Slide That Says it All can Save Your Investor Pitch

As we all know Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors and very busy people. Some of them have very short attention spans and pitch meetings can be very chaotic and unstructured. This can be a real problem when you are in the middle of an investor pitch, just about to get to the most compelling […]

Why Your Investor Pitch Must Focus on the Past and the Future

There used to be a time, not so long ago, when an entrepreneur could secure funding on the basis of an investor presentation that focused on what would be achieved, rather than what had been achieved. Times have changed and investors are far more risk averse and skeptical. This means investor pitches must be refocused to […]

The Different Objectives of an Executive Summary and Pitch Deck

A common area of confusion on the part of entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital is the different objectives of an Executive Summary and an Investor Deck (usually a PowerPoint).

Typically an Executive Summary will be sent to an investor before any meeting. The  objective is to engage the investor and often to secure the first […]