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Pitching and Why You Must Stop Your Audience from Thinking

Research has consistently proven that people make decisions on emotion and then justify them with fact. Although we may like to think of ourselves, first and foremost, as rational, cognitive human beings, the reserach data says otherwise.
We’re not Rational
This fact of life applies equally to everyone, including lawyers, investors, and executives. The primacy […]

Pitch Decks and Executive Summaries: Why Less is Always More

Most investors don’t read lengthy business plans. When they receive them they file them in the trash. They are time crunched, overrun with pitches and often have short attention spans. So delivering your message and information in a concise and attention grabbing way, is critical.
This means your pitch arsenal should typically comprise of a […]

Why ‘No Pain No Gain’ Rules When it Comes to Product Success

Most entrepreneurs know that one of the critical keys to product success, is ensuring they are solving their customer’s pain. Unless you are launching a truly disruptive product, where people are not aware they have a ‘problem’, targeting pain is the route to startup pleasure.

For various reasons, however, many entrepreneurs fail to discharge […]

5 Steps to Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Whether you’re pitching investors or launching a new product, success is more likely if you can create and communicate a sustainable competitive advantage.

Being first to market isn’t enough, as someone bigger with something better will come along and leave you in the dust. And it doesn’t matter if there isn’t a product in the market that’s […]

Why Entrepreneurs Need Charisma and Six Easy Ways to Project it

In today’s challenging climate entrepreneurs need to use every tool at their disposal if they are going to succeed.  Merit and ability are rarely enough. Charisma is a powerful asset that is free, can be developed easily and will dramatically accelerate an entrepreneur’s journey to success.

John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs […]

The Investor Pitch: Optimism and Dealing With Risk

Optimism is a quality that is present in almost every successful entrepreneur. Without optimism, entrepreneurs would not take the huge risks they do to bring their dreams to life. Without optimism, entrepreneurs would find it impossible to raise funding from Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists. After all, what investor would want to back an […]

Why Substance + Form = A Winning Investor Pitch

It is often said that ‘it’s not what you say but how you say it that matters’. When it comes to investor presentation documents, substance will always triumph over style. If, however, your documents are unprofessional or unclear you run a very real risk of not getting funded.

An investor may pass on the opportunity […]