Why You Must Do the Tough Stuff First

Every entrepreneur has a list of things they have to do, but wish they didn’t. Human nature means we tend to putting of doing those things we don’t enjoy. Avoid pain, pursue pleasure. It’s a bad strategy that really doesn’t help us in the  long term.  

A few years back I was working on a […]

Customer Validation – Truth and Consequences For Startups

When startups fail to obtain evidence to support their assumption that customers will buy and use their product, their chances of failure rocket. 

A lack of customer insight means you’re more likely to launch something that does not have the necessary product / market fit. It also means an investor will refuse to fund you, […]

Launching a Startup or Pitching Investors? Focus on Failure In Order to Succeed

If you want to launch a successful startup or raise business funding, it’s critical that you spend  time anticipating failure. This may seem counter intuitive and contrary to the optimistic mindset that is equally essential for entrepreneurial success. However, it is only when you identify the many reasons why your startup or investor pitch […]

A Further Shift in the Startup Universe

I originally posted a ‘Shift in the Startup Universe’ on January 1st 2011. Yesterdays announcement by The White House is indicative of further shifts in favor of the entrepreneur. The key role startups have in rebuilding the global economy is also being recognized by governments abroad (e.g. UK and Australia).  

That recognition, where accompanied by concrete, meaningful steps […]

VC’s Debate Convertible Debt v Equity – But What Do Entrepreneurs Think?

Over the past few weeks we have seen a number of high profile investors publicly debate the pros and cons of Convertible Debt v Equity. Investors that have expressed their views include Fred Wilson , Seth Levine  , Chris Dixon and Mark Suster . 

So now we know what Investors think on this important issue; but […]

Four Rules For Powering Up Your Video / Virtual Investor Pitch

Increasingly entrepreneurs are using ‘video pitches’ as a way of trying to increase the impact of their investor pitch. At the same time Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists are encouraging startups to ‘virtual pitch’ them.

In our new world of e and virtual communications this is a logical step that brings clear advantages. Studies have […]

How One High School Lesson Can Help Your Investor Pitch

I was reminded of the importance of never looking ‘desperate for funding’ when I recently met with a couple of friends who happen to be seasoned Angel Investors. Between them they have invested in more startups than I have had weekends off, so they think and look long and hard before making an investment, […]

Why You Must Know Your TAM When Raising Startup Funding

One of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when trying to raise business funding from Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists, is to talk in terms of ‘market size’ rather than Total Addressable Market (TAM). Get this wrong and a potential investor may conclude that either you are trying to mislead them by suggesting your […]

Why ‘How’ is Critical to Your Investor Pitch

An entrepreneur’s investor presentation documents and pitch will typically focus on the product or service, numbers, competition, sales strategy and team. What is often missing, however, is ‘how’ key stages and milestones will be achieved. In other words ‘how’ the entrepreneur and his team will execute.

An entrepreneur can have an exciting idea with significant revenue […]

Make it Easy For an Angel Investor to Fund You

I was talking with an experienced Angel Investor recently who tends to mostly invest in tech startups. He had invested in a Silicon Valley startup (B), 2 years ago and was beaming at the fact that it was clear to him that the startup was finally on the verge of generating some ‘serious revenues’.

What […]