Bring Your ‘A’ Game Every Time 

When you are pitching investors or negotiating a deal you absolutely need to perform at your best.

The ability to summon up your resources and ‘bring your A game’ can be the difference between success or failure. Most entrepreneurs have had the experience of performing extremely well but few understand how to create the internal and external conditions and access their most valuable cognitive resources in order to activate a state of peak performance or ‘flow’.

A 10-year study by McKinsey found that top executives reported being five times more productive when in ‘flow’. We work with entrepreneurs to enable them to understand how to create both the internal and external conditions to perform at their best, on demand.

Perform Under Extreme Pressure

When the pressure is on the ability to maintain a steady hand and clarity of thought is critical. Whether you’re handling an unexpected crisis that threatens you or your company, or working throughout the night to meet an urgent and important deadline.

For many, extreme pressure clouds their judgment and ability to think clearly. Just when they need to perform at their best, the pressure causes them to ‘choke’ and underperform, sometimes with disastrous consequences.

Martin has worked with individuals who face high pressure situations on a regular basis including entrepreneurs raising venture capital, lawyers, judges, senior executives, investment bankers and law enforcement and will show you how to develop and access the necessary resources (clarity, calmness, focus and intensity) when you need them most.

Extreme Stress – The Cost of Being an Entrepreneur

Research shows that entrepreneurs suffer from significantly higher rates of stress than many other professions and occupations. Stress related health issues, drug and alcohol dependency and relationship breakdowns are widespread and on the rise. Obvious causes include uncertainty and financial pressures.

How Science is Revolutionising Stress Management

Neuroscience has recently increased our understanding of how the brain and body responds to stress, which in turn has led to dramatic changes in how stress is managed.

We provide our clients with a toolbox of proven, research backed, traditional and cutting edge strategies and technologies that are used by corporate executives, special forces and other high stress professions and are supported by research coming out of Harvard, Stanford and other prestigious institutions.

Stress Less Within Days

We can help you:

  • Reach the end of an intense day without feeling frazzled
  • Stay calm and focused in high-pressure situations e.g. pitches and negotiations
  • Maintain a ‘steady hand’ under pressure and during those times when things don’t go to plan
  • Thrive under the most challenging conditions including long hours and high consequences.
  • Avoid long-term burnout
  • Relax and recharge
  • Improve sleep quality

Martin provides our clients with performance, stress and resilience coaching and as a former successful attorney and startup owner has experience of the extreme stress and pressures that entrepreneurs face. For the past decade he has advised and coached experience entrepreneurs, lawyers and other high performance professionals, helping them perform optimally while managing stress.

Contact Jenny at to discuss how Martin can help you perform optimally and manage your stress.