If you’re considering increasing your chances of raising venture capital and market share in the United States, then we can help.

Our team can help you cut time to the US market with a focus on quick integration to the New-York tech ecosystem. From creating a VC grade pitch deck and pitch to strategic access to relevant customers, partners and investors, we help top European tech startups focus on what matters most – value creation.

1. Pitch Deck

To maximize your chances of securing venture capital and securing customers you need:
• Short VC pitch deck
• In depth deck
• Product and sales decks

We have put together decks that have consistently raised millions of dollars and are often called on by VC’s to design decks for their portfolio companies.

2. The Message

From the first introductory email to follow ups and elevator pitches, we will work with you to craft a consistent, concise and compelling message.

3. The Pitch

More than 95% of all investor pitches fail even when they have a solid business model, team, product and market. They fail to inspire, fail to hit the right points in the right way and consequently fail to raise capital. We ensure our clients prepare, structure and deliver their pitch in a way inspires and engages the audience.

4. Customers

Customer adoption in the US market is key for gaining investor interest. We provide high-level access to customers in a variety of industries including:
• Fintech
• Digital Health
• Enterprise Software
• Publishing
• Traditional Media / Online Media
• Mobile
• Marketplaces / e-commerce
When it comes to US-based VCs, it’s all about product-market fit. We cut time significantly to relevant customers and proof of concept in the US, so product-market fit is achievable.

5. Funding

Through our network we have access to and relationship with partners at most of the leading VCs in the New-York area, via joint investments and years of joint work.VCs include:

• Bowery Capital
• Canaan Venture Partners
• Bullpen Capital
• FirstMark Capital
• Greycroft Partners
• KEC Ventures
• Comcast Ventures
• Compound VC
• Runway Partners
• White Star Capital
• Boldstart Ventures
• Collaborative Fund
• Genacast
• Betaworks
• Eniac Ventures
• RTP Ventures
• Lerer Ventures
And many, many others.

Media / Branding – we have personal relationship with top tech reporters at some of the leading media outlets including Tech Crunch, Entrepreneurs, CNN Money, CNBC, VentureBeat, to name a few. In a world where access is so hard to get, we have it all figured out.

Space / Acceleration Services – we help with additional operational / acceleration services.

If you are self-funded or have secured early stage funding, have traction and are seriously considering the US market, then send your profile and deck to coaching@thepitchclinic.com and if we believe we can help we will set up a call with you and our team.

This invitation only applies to companies that are ready for VC funding.