There used to be a time, not so long ago, when an entrepreneur could secure funding on the basis of an investor presentation that focused on what would be achieved, rather than what had been achieved. Times have changed and investors are far more risk averse and skeptical. This means investor pitches must be refocused to include achievements (real) as well as statements of intent and projections (wishes and dreams).

When creating investor pitch documents e.g. Executive Summary or Pitch Deck; make sure you focus on what you have already achieved and include it. Plainly in the case of a startup seeking seed funding, there may be little that has occurred.

Nevertheless, a presentation that outlines some achievements will have greater impact than one that simply focuses on aspirations. Sales, customers and users are persuasive.  Your achievements can include the recruitment of an experienced management team, the creation of a strong brand identity or a Letter of Intent from a major client .

When you start to talk in terms of what you have achieved, it makes your assertions as to what you say will do, believable. You begin to cast yourself as someone who ‘does’ rather than someone who ‘‘hopes’ or ‘intends’. The ‘doers’ and ‘achievers’ are  far more investable in today’s brave new world, so make sure you cast yourself as one.

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